Introduction of building system


K-KONTROL® Construction System

K-KONTROL® Construction System is an all-purpose system for the construction of walls, ceilings and roofs of any type of building. The basic construction element of the K-Kontrol system is the self-supporting sandwich panel. The panel contains two OSB boards and insulation infill from stabilized self-extinguishing EPS polystyrene or Neopor.

The system is ideal for modern constructions thanks to its excellent thermal insulation, simple and variable utilization and environmental friendliness in all phases of the construction.

K-KONTROL® ® system is ideal for the construction of family houses and blocks of flat, for encasement of sports halls, for the construction of administrative buildings, accommodation facilities, cottages and holiday resorts. It can be designed as the exclusive system for a particular construction, or it can be combined with other systems. The process of construction can be seen in this short video.

Designers may use the K-KONTROL® system construction catalogue for designing construction. Generally, any rules for wood construction design apply here.

K-KONTROL® Construction System is intended for private investors (section We Offer), as well as for companies active in the construction industry section Partners.

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