Wooden beams tailor-made for your construction
I-OSBTM. Perfect solution for the construction of walls, roofs and ceilings in any building. Enables mounting air conditioning with recuperation and other distribution ducts without the need of suspended ceilings or skin walls.
The best for your wooden structure
K-KONTROL® . Unique construction system for anybody who wants to see his house growing fast like a plant right in front of their eyes. Why would you build from spring to spring if the work can be done more quickly, for a good price, friendly to the environment and in a dry way?
European Technical Assessment ETA - 14/0311.
Do you intend to build a house? You are in the right place!
Do you want to build quickly, environmentally-friendly, for a good price, and with low operational cost? Look at our offer and select any... Or contact us and tell us what type of building you need for your living or for you business activities. We know what to do to fulfill you dreams.

K-KONTROL® Construction System

Sandwich system for dry construction of low-energy buildings and passive buildings has a universal and extremely versatile application. It is suitable for family houses, blocks of flats and weekend cottages, superstructures, roofing, and also for boat cabins, houseboats, botels, factory halls and multi-storey buildings.

Wooden Beams

The beams are fine for any type of building including wooden constructions and renovation of older buildings. Wooden beams can be used for the construction of walls, ceilings and roofs -- either individually or in combination with other technologies. I-OSB™ beams are offered in a wide range of dimensions and can be tailor-made for the customer.

Type Houses

Prefabricated houses are offered in different styles and sizes. They are as diverse as families are who live in them. All turn-key houses comply with the low energy standard of the K-KONTROL system.


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Do you want to build quickly while your house will look modern and be practical, energy-saving and complying with all standards? If so, then the CZECH PAN's website is the right place for you. CZECH PAN company provides K-KONTROL® universal sandwich system of dry construction and I-OSB™ glued wooden beams which are unique in the Czech Republic. We offer everything you need for the construction of walls, ceilings and roofs of family houses or blocks of flats, sports halls or shop buildings, lodging buildings, holiday resorts, cottages as well as factory buildings. Construction can be diffusion-closed or diffusion-opened. Besides standard formats and lengths, we also provide atypical products, both in K-KONTROL® system and in I-OSBTM wooden beam system.

CZECH PAN is the first choice for anybody who aims to build quickly, to live on their own or do business in their own place, for anybody who is environmentally conscious and needs to be sure that the construction meets all of their personal requirements as well as fulfills all legislative requirements. Also for anybody who wishes to avoid enormous payments for energy in the future.


Certifacate ETA

30.01.2015 For our K-KONTROL panels were issued the European Technical Assessment ETA on the 2nd January 2015. On the base of this document we are able to deal the building system K-KONTROL into Europe Union market. The K-KONTROL panels made in compliance with ETA are marked CE.

Wooden Constructions 2014 - photogallery

18.02.2014 Have a look at photos from Wooden Constructions 2014 exhibition.
We introduced the following:
Production of our unique K-KONTROL sandwich system and I-OSB beams. Implementation of prefabricated wooden structures, low-energy and passive family houses, extensions, roofs and industrial buildings. New: D-TACK - a full-scale system of foils, sealing strips and other components, not only for your roof.


04.02.2014 News - Carpinus Family House With Minimum Operation Cost.
A ground floor building for a family of two or three. This house requires minimum investment and minimum operational cost.


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