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CZECH PAN: QUICK CONSTRUCTION WITH ECOLOGICAL CONSIDERATION Do you want to build quickly while your house will look modern and be practical, energy-saving and complying with all standards? If so, then the CZECH PAN's website is the right place for you. CZECH PAN company provides K-KONTROL® universal sandwich system for dry construction and I-OSBTM glued wooden beams which is unique in the Czech Republic. We offer everything you need for the construction of walls, ceilings and roofs of family houses or blocks of flats, sports halls or shop buildings, lodging buildings, holiday resorts, cottages as well as factory buildings. Construction can be diffusion-closed or diffusion-opened. Besides standard formats and lengths we provide atypical products, both in K-KONTROL® system and in I-OSBTM wooden beam system.

CZECH PAN is the first choice for anybody who aims to build quickly, to live on their own or do business in their own place, for anybody who is environmentally conscious and needs to be sure that the construction meets all of their personal requirements as well as fulfills all legislative requirements. Also for anybody who wishes to avoid enormous payments for energy in the future.

K-KONTROL® is a comfortable solution not only for ordinary construction but, thanks to its modular conception, also for extensions, boat cabins, house boats and botels. The system is provided to wholesale customers as well as retail customers. The system is becoming more and more favourite with construction companies thanks to its variability, simplicity and compatibility with other systems.

CZECH PAN offers business partners the preparation of projects, static examination, financing, reliable service and professional care, expert consulting and flexible response to requests. CZECH PAN company was established in the town of Varnsdorf in 1998 and is the leading company on the domestic and international market of prefabricated low energy and passive buildings. Since the start of their business activity, CZECH PAN has completed more than 1,000 projects. In 2006, the sandwich panels from K-KONTROL® were used in the construction of the first Czech Antarctic research station. It was this Antarctic employment that proved the quality, stability and practical simplicity of constructions from K-KONTROL® system in the most severe conditions. A standard panel can easily be moved by two persons. The same applies to any normal I-OSBTM beam.


You only need to have an idea. Project preparation, financing and construction is the responsibility of CZECH PAN., 13.07.2024 14:30