Certifacate ETA

30.01.2015 For our K-KONTROL panels were issued the European Technical Assessment ETA on the 2nd January 2015. On the base of this document we are able to deal the building system K-KONTROL into Europe Union market. The K-KONTROL panels made in compliance with ETA are marked CE.

Wooden Constructions 2014 - photogallery

18.02.2014 Have a look at photos from Wooden Constructions 2014 exhibition.
We introduced the following:
Production of our unique K-KONTROL sandwich system and I-OSB beams. Implementation of prefabricated wooden structures, low-energy and passive family houses, extensions, roofs and industrial buildings. New: D-TACK - a full-scale system of foils, sealing strips and other components, not only for your roof.


04.02.2014 News - Carpinus Family House With Minimum Operation Cost.
A ground floor building for a family of two or three. This house requires minimum investment and minimum operational cost.

Parc du Sud , Belgium

07.01.2014 Parc du Sud is a residential project of several buildings in a new park situated on Luikersteenweg Sint-Truiden, Belgium.
Here is a view of the first building construction from K-KONTROL system for 25 flats and underground garage lots.

School building extension, Bystřice

01.11.2013 School building extension in Bystřice Encasement of the steel construction with K-KONTROL system.

Wooden Construction Inspired by Polar Station

21.08.2013 We have designed a wooden construction inspired by the Antarctic research station. A moder family house with a construction from K-KONSTROL system that imitates what is built for polar researchers.

Complete article available here


Europe - Our Target!

17.08.2013 Europe - Our Target! Here you can see pictures of one of our shipments to Belgium. There are many places where K-KONTROL construction system and I-OSB glued wooden beams from CZECH PAN s.r.o. are implemented.

Passive family house, Liberec

08.07.2013 Delivery of a I-OSB beam and other construction material for a passive family house in Liberec.

BETULA – House of the Month

02.07.2013 Expert construction portal ČESKÉ voted the BETULA type project by CZECH PAN the best type house of the month in July 2013. More information about the house in our type project catalog
Complete articles available here.

Reconstruction of a block of flats using I-OSB beams

27.05.2013 Current photo illustrating the reconstruction and extension of a block of flats in Prague using I-OSB beams.
1) I-OSB beams are suitable for the reinforcement of existing ceilings. Supporting beams are added to construct closing anchors from OSB boards.
2) I-OSB beams are applied in the ceiling construction of the new extension storey.
Very light construction, very easy handling and application! Produced for a precise dimension.
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