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K-KONTROL® Construction System

K-KONTROL® construction system is a universal solution for the construction of walls, ceilings and roofs in various types of buildings. Its main construction element is a self-supporting sandwich panel and so it is classified as a SIP (structural insulated panel) system. The panel contains two OSB boards and an insulation infill from stabilized self-extinguishing EPS polystyrene. It has excellent thermal insulation properties. Its use is variable and simple. During the process of construction, K-KONTROL® system is friendly to the environment.

K-KONTROL® system can be used for the construction of family houses and blocks of flats, for encasement of sports halls, for the construction of administrative buildings, accommodation facilities, cottages and holiday resorts. It can be designed as the only system for the whole construction, or it can be combined with other systems thanks to its compatibility.

The use of the K-KONTROL® system for the construction of the Czech research station in the extreme Antarctic conditions is the best recommendation for the system as an energy-effective, low-energy or even zero-energy construction solution for anywhere in Europe.

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