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Parc du Sud , Belgium

07.01.2014 Parc du Sud is a residential project of several buildings in a new park situated on Luikersteenweg Sint-Truiden, Belgium.
Here is a view of the first building construction from K-KONTROL system for 25 flats and underground garage lots.
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School building extension, Bystřice

01.11.2013 School building extension in Bystřice Encasement of the steel construction with K-KONTROL system.
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Passive family house, Liberec

08.07.2013 Delivery of a I-OSB beam and other construction material for a passive family house in Liberec.
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Reconstruction of a block of flats using I-OSB beams

27.05.2013 Current photo illustrating the reconstruction and extension of a block of flats in Prague using I-OSB beams.
1) I-OSB beams are suitable for the reinforcement of existing ceilings. Supporting beams are added to construct closing anchors from OSB boards.
2) I-OSB beams are applied in the ceiling construction of the new extension storey.
Very light construction, very easy handling and application! Produced for a precise dimension.
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03.01.2013 A famous architect designs experimental houses in Liberec that are built from K-KONTROL system. The construction breaks established clichés about traditional housing. The construction for the price of a normal flat can be built in a month and will appeal to modern, ecologically conscious customers., 16.06.2024 16:59