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I-OSB™ Wooden Beams

I – OSB™ glued wooden beams are suitable for the construction of walls, ceilings and roofs in all types of buildings including wooden constructions. Also, they can be applied in the revitalization of old buildings. CZECH PAN company supplies beams in a wide range of standard dimensions, but beams can be produced in any size depending on your requirements. Their advantage is: form stability and low weight. Beams of standard size can easily be moved by two persons. Despite that, I – OSB™ wooden beams are able to carry considerable loads even in large construction elements like ceilings and roofs. Constructions built with I – OSB™ beams have very good energy balance.

The flange plates of the I-OSB™ beams are made of dried and wrought coniferous wood with finger joints For the posts, an OSB board is used which is joined with the flange plates through glued wedge joints. The beams are fabricated on a special production line under permanent quality control.

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