Sealing material

The following materials are mainly used for final sealing of individual parts of K-KONTROL® system constructions:

  • Butyl ALU bands
  • Butyl ropes and cements
  • Compression expansion bands
  • PPR bands
  • Acrylic cements
  • EPDM sheets and adhesives 

Despite the basic construction of the K-KONTROL® system being designed to prevent incorrect application as much as possible in order that the final construction complies with assembly specification and despite the system having very low leak rate we offer items for final sealing of the construction. These item are used for additional sealing of joints between adjacent building construction units in case of special importance is attached to steam-proof properties of the internal side of the construction cladding. Requirements for sealing properties of the is verified with so called blowdoor test to detect critical areas of the building.

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