Utilization of the system


If you spend a while in the Quercus family house you will never ever want to live anywhere else. The house offers spacious interior and considerable potential for adaptation based on the requirements of each family member. The construction with aisle roof allows the utilization of the whole area of rooms on the second floor. The orientation of glassed-in surfaces towards south ensures high energy gain in winter period. These areas are overshadowed with a roofed balcony in summer. Quercus is well suited for a family of four to six and can be built in reverse projection.
Disposition 4+1
Built-up area 89m2
Useful Area 146m2
components.czechpan.dum.obytna_plocha 108,01m2
Ridge height 7,0m
Roof slope 9°
Orientation V, S, Z


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