I-OSB beams and K-KONTROL construction system

I-OSB ™ beams and individual elements of the construction system work perfectly like a puzzle game. The basic construction element of the K-KONTROL® system is a self-supporting sandwich panel that is used especially for the construction of walls and roofs. I-OSB™ wooden beams are applied in the construction of ceilings and they can also connect individual panels. Wooden beams function as an integrating spar in roof constructions created from K-KONTROL® system. Both products of CZECH PAN company (I-OSB™ wooden beams and K-KONTROL® construction system) form an integrated system for building structures that satisfy the most demanding requirements for quality, safety, energy efficiency and ecology.

www.czechpan.cz - K-KONTROL, 15.08.2022 14:32