Advantages of I-OSB beams

Building constructions have to comply with strict standards. It is the demands on thermal technical parameters and ecological parameters that are especially high. Also, architects' demands continue to grow -- they design large rooms and halls with big ceiling dividers. An effective solution under these circumstances is the use of I-OSB™ wooden beams for the construction of walls, ceilings and roofs. I-OSB™ wooden beams can be used with all types of buildings including wooden structures and also in any constructions that are partially built with traditional technologies. Also, they find application in the revitalization of old buildings. CZECH PAN company supplies beams in a wide range of standard type dimensions, but beams can be adjusted to individual requirements of the customer.


The flange plates of the I-OSB™ beams are made of dried and wrought coniferous wood with finger joints For beam webs, an OSB board is used which is joined with flange plates through glued wedge joints. Beams are produced are fabricated on a special production line under permanent quality control to ensure very high standard of quality. Unlike traditional massive wooden beam, the I-OSB™ beams have form stability and are lighter. Also, they are able to carry considerable loads even in large construction elements like ceilings and roofs. The beams can be handled and worked on very easily. As a result, the assembly is faster and cheaper.  



Ceiling constructions from traditional beam do not allow sufficient space for larger distribution ducts like sewer, ventilation etc. That is why it is necessary to create expensive suspended ceiling and skin walls. This is completely unnecessary with I-OSB™ wooden beams -- these allow transverse penetration. As a result, the installation of distribution ducts is easy and cheap.



The quality of insulation materials for side walls and roofs is continually improving, which adds to excellent energetic balance of completed houses. Construction elements like roof beams and wall posts play an important role in this connection. In comparison with standard beams, I-OSB™ wooden beams achieve better results. They prevent the risk of condensation inside the construction or on the inner surface. Side walls of buildings design with I-OSB™ wooden beams are more economical and more safe.




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